Facilities and Equipment

ASF has access to plenty of space and up-to-date winery equipment to support your operation.

Our 5600 sq ft crush pad is well-drained and equipped with a system to treat our wastewater. Our 20,000 sq ft winery and 12,600 sq ft warehouse has the capability to store the products of all of our clients in a climate-controlled environment. In the winery, we are outfitted with ample common space plus 11 wine caves which APs can rent to have access to their own unique space, holding up to 128 barrels each. In the warehouse, we have over 40,000 cases of capacity with easy access to large trucks for efficient shipping and receiving.

Here is an overview of our capabilities:


  • 1500 L DeFranchesi (5 ton fermented red, 1.5 ton whole cluster white)
  • 4000 L Europress (10 ton fermented red, 3.5 ton whole cluster white)

Red Process   

  • 10 ton/hour Armbruster Rotovib destemmer
  • Armbruster dosing hopper


  • 8 x 6500 gal (20 ton) Closed, Temp Control, Lotus cap management
  • 4 x 3000 gal (10 ton) Closed, Temp Control, Lotus cap management
  • 3 x 2000 gal (6 ton) Open, Temp Control, pumpover cap management
  • 4 x 1300 gal (4 ton) Closed, pumpover cap management
  • Macrobin 48 or T for smaller lots, hand punched
  • Multiple stainless steel portable tanks for smaller lots


  • 4 inch Armbruster must pump and hopper with auger
  • Waukesha 130 gal/min must/wine pump
  • Vogelsang 60 gal/min must/wine pump
  • Waukesha 30 gal/min wine pump
  • 2 x Air Diaphragm 12 gal/min wine pump


  • McClain Destroyer Ozone Generator
  • In-house Nitrogen generator
  • Aaquatools Hot Cart w/ pressure jet rinser
  • Barrel Steamers
  • 2 x Electric Forklift
  • 2 x Propane Forklift


  • CDR WineLab Touch Enzymatic (VA, FSO2, TSO2, TA, MA, G/F)
  • Oenofoss FTIR Optical
  • Ebulliometer
  • DO meter
  • Turbidity meter
  • pH meter


  • 4 cs/min Eurostar Line: N2 Sparge, Deaerator, 16 spout Filler, Cork and Screwcap Closure Turrets, 4 Head Capsule Spinner, Vacuum Labeler.
  • Our facilities can host mobile bottling lines.